20 Years in The Biz

I have now officially been a professional entertainer for over 20 years. Just over 20 years ago I quit my last “real job” as an engineer at IBM Research. What would have happened if I had stayed an engineer? Who knows. Maybe I would have retired by now, or maybe I’d be unemployed and homeless. Maybe I wouldn’t be alive at all. You never know. But I do know I’m happy with my decision and it’s been a good twenty years. I’ve gotten to see the world and make a lot of people happy doing what I love. I’m ready for at least another 20.


New Glow Juggling and Acrobatic Act!

We have lots of new routines in the works. Our latest debut is a new piece with fluorescent juggling and acrobatics glowing under black light. It’s a spectacular effect we’re very excited about. Although we’ve already started performing it, the routine and costumes are still evolving. Almost every time we practice, we make some small improvement. Here are some photos from the debut performance a couple of weeks ago. (We’ve already totally redone the costumes from these photos.)