Recent Practice Photos

Jack juggles five torches – just for fun. (note: I rarely get to perform with fire anymore due to strict fire regulations in most venues. The weird thing is when I was working on cruise ships, I juggled fire all the time. They never had a problem with it.)

Jack & Jeri’s children Max and Oz enjoy getting in on the act.

5-year-old Max continues to pick up circus skills. He loves walking on his stilts.

Jeri trains hand-to-hand with acro friend Dave Floyd.


Come See Jack & Jeri at the L.A. Comedy Festival!

Last month we received rave reviews during our week at the Magic Castle. If you missed it, this should be an excellent opportunity to see us live. The stage at ACME is much bigger and we’ll be able to do much more.
Two shows: Thursday Nov. 11 @ 9pm and Saturday Nov. 13 @ 7:30pm
At the famous ACME Comedy Theatre
135 N. La Brea Avenue; Los Angeles, CA 90036.
We’ll be doing 30 minutes, and there are two other acts in each show.
Tickets are $10 online or $15 at the door.
For more info see