Family tree w/ Max and Oz under a double rainbow

Boulder, CO June 2011


Boulder Jugglers Festival

It’s great to be acknowledged by one’s peers. In June we were invited to be the special guests at the Boulder Juggling Festival (Colorado, not juggling boulders) where we performed for an audience that included over 100 jugglers.

New Website Design

We’ve given our website a new look. After great time and expense last year, it was hard to admit the old website sucked. Well, maybe it didn’t suck, but I didn’t like it. Now it has been redesigned and it doesn’t suck any more. …Or does it? Check it out.

New Hi-Tech Juggling Light Show

An amazing spectacle of colored light. Using video projection, Jack fills a wall up to 15 feet high by 20 feet wide with a dazzling light show. This totally unique combination of light-up juggling, feedback, fractals, and chaos will ROCK future stage shows. (video coming soon)

A New Jack & Jeri Act: The World’s Oldest Circus Performers

Jeri’s three TV appearances as older women coincided with the debut of our new stage act: “The World’s Oldest Circus Performers.” These feisty and funny old folks show they still got it, performing acrobatics and juggling like they did back in the day. .

Jeri Stunts on The Tonight Show & Conan

In May, Jeri appeared twice on the Tonight show with Jay Leno, and once on the Conan show! And you can view all three appearances online:

The first appearance was as Helen Mirren, getting in a fight with Queen Elizabeth.
(click here to see clip)

The next appearance, Jeri actually played the Queen after her historic visit to the Guinness factory.
(click here to see clip)

And the third stunt was as a little old lady being tackled by a pro football player.
(click here to see clip)