2012 Toyota Camry Launch

At Paramount Studios in Hollywood, with a very talented cast of Cirque du Soleil alumni, Jack & Jeri performed for the “extraordinary” launch of the 2012 Toyota Camry. The performance was seen via video-link in numerous cities around the globe.


World’s Oldest Circus Performers Entertain at Stunt Emmy Nominations

On Aug. 20 at the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, Jack & Jeri wowed an audience of Hollywood’s top stuntmen and stuntwomen before the Emmy nominations for Best Stunt Coordinator. We did our acrobatic juggling act as “The World’s Oldest Circus Performers”, with grey wigs, walkers, and plenty of gags.

Jeri Handstand on Sand

Natural Bridges State Park
Santa Cruz, CA Aug. 2011

A Hit For the Oakland A’s

We performed our stage act on the field at the Oakland A’s Stadium. Our audience was the team, the owners, their families, and a few other VIP’s. We were a hit! (to use a lame baseball reference). You could even say we knocked it out of the park (…yup, even lamer.)

Performing and Emceeing at the Sonoma County Fair

We only got to do it for a couple of days but it was a blast. The Diamond Jubilee Revue featured Jack and Jeri, ventriloquist Steve & Jack, 11-year-old singing sensation Avonlee, and Valentine’s Performing Pigs! What more entertainment could you want.