Creating Something New

I am working on several new performance ideas, including a balancing act with a laptop computer, and various ideas involving a tennis ball gun. For me, working on original ideas has always been the most exciting part of performing. Also the most frustrating. It’s so hard to come up with something new.

Actually coming up with something new isn’t that hard, but it has to be new and good. That’s the hard part. And it’s rarely good on the first try. The ideas constantly evolve, often ending up totally different from my original concept.

Often I have to make my own props. (I’m actually using my engineering degree!) It turns out nobody makes a tennis ball gun, or at least one that can be safely fired on stage. So I had to design and build my own. …and of course everything always has to be re designed and rebuilt at least three times before it really works like you want it to.

The reward of making something that works… It makes all the frustrating failures worthwhile.